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Who are we ? - MIGRATORY BIKES - A couple of travelers on bicycles
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Who are we ?

Who is behind this blog ?

We are Camille and Antoine, two people united with the same goal, that of treading the soil of our dear planet in search of a large bowl of nature, with a good dose of meetings and discussions, all sprinkled with a touch of madness !


Camille de Migratorybikes est l'écolo du couple. She has always loved nature and dreamed of trips to the end of the world.

« Professional nurse, I am a sensitive and altruistic person. Green at heart, I am constantly looking for a piece of greenery ! I love life in the broad sense : to move, see new things, meet people, learn more about myself and my surroundings. I try to see the positive everywhere and I marvel at nothing, which makes me a little naive sometimes, but I like to dream of the beauty of this world. »

« Biology researcher by training, I am curious and invested by nature. Fascinated by the mountains since I was little thanks to my grandpa, I like to wander independently in their steep valleys. The untamed nature of this nature makes me want to preserve it and get to know it better. I like to get to the end of things, and this new challenge is an opportunity for me to fully develop myself. »


Antoine de Migratorybikes is an ambitious young man and mountain rider. He has always loved hiking in the countryside and dreamed of great trips.

Our previous adventures

Take a look at our photos to find out more 😉

New start

You would have understood it, our meeting brought together two nature enthusiasts, two adventurers eager to travel to the four corners of the planet, without forgetting a fundamental value : respect for life.

So when to go ? The question did not arise for a long time : on his side, Antoine had just finished his doctorate, and the other, Camille was able to take her availability after several years of work. From now on we are therefore free.

So we get organized and plan to go and live a new life of travel, adventures and encounters. What mountains are we going to see this time? Hard to choose… The Andes? Another region of the Alps? The Caucasus? The Himalayas? Non, we will not choose, it's too tempting to say yes to everything. Let's go everywhere !

Values ​​to be respected


Come contact us and talk to us about your own experiences and your travel plans, we will be delighted !

No hotels, supermarkets or supermarkets. Give priority to nights with locals and meals made from local products.


A journey without a trace, low carbon footprint, less waste and preserve water for those who need it.

Mutual aid

Understand the needs of those we will meet, help them with a small gesture or by volunteering missions.


A willingness to be honest

Because honesty is also part of our values, we have built this site in the most natural way possible, so that it matches us.

If you have any questions about us, our partners, our project, our articles or something else, feel free to Contact us, we will be happy to talk to you a bit !

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