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Voyage à vélo à travers l'Eurasie - Nepal project - MIGRATORY BIKES -
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Nepal project

In short...

The Nepal Project is a bicycle trip whose goal is to reach Nepal from the south of France, while respecting the values ​​that are important to us.





Country to cross

20 000

Kilometers to be covered


Kilos of material each

The route in sight

Why a bicycle trip ?

285g of CO₂ / passenger / km

To move and go to the other side of the world, several more or less ecological and responsible solutions are available to us. There is of course the plane, but this idea does not really correspond to our values : in order to limit our carbon footprint, we decided to avoid !

14g of CO₂ / passenger / km

42g of CO₂ / passenger / km

310g of CO₂ / passenger / km

Even if we are far from the consumption figures of the plane, other motorized transports are not for us options adapted to our project either. Who has never dreamed of jumping off the moving train to peek behind the window?? We want to live at our own pace, in the tranquility of nature and pay our trips with the sweat of our brows : cycling seemed to be the right option.

And if we too tried ?

An ecological way to travel in total immersion. In addition to being non-polluting, cycling has several advantages :


Carry your life in 2 wheels allow you to stop where you want, when we want, and to be able to enjoy in the heart of nature…


Come contact us and talk to us about your own experiences and your travel plans, we will be delighted !

But it also allows exchange like no other mode of travel, because cycling is universal !


Well equipped we carry almost everything and we ride almost everywhere, of a bumpy road with muddy or snowy paths.

The challenge

And even if you have to force uphill, the smile we will have when we remember the kilometers swallowed will make us forget everything !

A choice reflects

In our society, many view nomadism in a negative light. Deemed marginal and unstable, the nomad nevertheless makes an assumed lifestyle choice. To understand the reasons that push people to nomadism, we must look at our Western world and its share of vices : social shackles, materialism and the appeal to consumption lead some to flee this way of life - whatever may be said- capitalist.

For our part, we liked our daily life, we were not the most to be pitied. But despite all our efforts to live healthily and in accordance with our values, we dreamed of going on an adventure far from home, to new lands. Our escapades of a few days in the neighboring mountains were no longer enough for us, we wanted more landscapes, discoveries, of meetings. But no question of going on an adventure in 4×4 and sleep in an all-inclusive hotel.

What awaits us

Nothing like the itinerant journey for that, nomadic life. We decide where we want to go, to stay there for a while or leave the next day. Short, a life of freedom above all. But not only. Become a nomad, it also means looking every day for a new place to put your roof, do not get too attached to one place or person, and put your comfort in brackets… Short, this lifestyle choice also presents its share of difficulties.

But nomadism, above all, it is an opportunity to rediscover yourself as humans, to return to fundamental and simple values, to put aside the vices, the commotion, daily stress and obligations. To become a nomad is to return to the present moment, give importance to each meter traveled, every second that passes.

A primarily human adventure

Meet the locals

Simple meeting, hospitality, warmshawer or volunteering

To share

Through volunteering but also through photography and writing


An experience that will change our lives

And a desire to be useful

Through volunteering : our subscription to Workaway will allow us to carry out volunteering missions in the various areas that are important to us (environment, health and education) but above all according to the needs of the regions encountered.

Through the humanitarian : our project is meant to be solidarity through a fundraising to allow us to carry out a medical trek under the tutelage of the Manoj association. Camille's nursing skills, accompanied by other nursing members, doctors and volunteers like Antoine, will be able to serve the poorest in remote areas of Nepal. The fundraising will also help finance the establishment of an eye health camp in these rural areas to operate on people with cataracts or in need of medication.. Thanks to the care provided directly on site by Manoj, these people who could not get to the city because of their sight problems regain their sense and a little joy of living.

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