Our partners

A project of this magnitude is difficult to imagine without partners. This is why we would like to thank the brands and companies who have decided to support us and trust us. Without them, this adventure would be much more difficult to achieve. In order to be fully transparent, we talk to you here about the different partners who help us and we explain why.

Why partners ?

When choosing to go on a long-term trip, we want to have quality material, that is, efficient and as durable as possible. As part of our Nepal project, we also wanted technical equipment to face the most difficult conditions, without losing comfort (various climatic conditions, altitude, variable terrain ...). And to add to that, we tried to promote, when it was possible, brands or products with an eco-responsible dimension. And not to hide anything from you, choose our equipment while respecting all these criteria, That's expensive. Very expensive. So even if we had saved for a few years to make a big trip, it did not allow us to equip ourselves as well as we would have liked. This is why we have chosen to call on partners. They were able to help us with their advice, their reductions or material donations.

How it works ?

Finding partners is a job that requires a lot of time and investment. As far as we are concerned, and like many, we have set up a partnership file. Then, we sent it to several companies explaining why their products were of interest to us.

The collaboration itself consists of an exchange. Companies offer us their moral support, a financial or material donation, or discounts on their products. In exchange, we invite them to talk about them, to provide them with photo or video content, to write articles, to participate in festivals, to give them material feedback or to promote discussion around the theme of travel.

It is then a matter of finding a balance between what we are ready to provide and what we want to receive.

Our partners


Rab is an equipment brand for outdoor sports. Great specialist in the field of insulation, Rab produces some of the best clothing and equipment on the market. He is also starting to develop certain products from recycled materials.. And that, WE love.

A huge thank you to their staff who equip us with down jackets, sleeping bags, first skins, gloves, hats and who gave us a nice discount on their waterproof gear.


Lowe Alpine produces bags of all types, very resistant, light and technical. E, clair, everything you need to go on a trek !​

Thanks to LA for giving us 2 Manaslu backpacks 65:80 to allow us to carry out our hikes with quality bags that should accompany us for many years.


Alltricks, this is THE site to get your bike equipment, running and outdoor in general. Ultra-complete, we find absolutely everything we need.

We are very proud to count the Alltricks team among our partners and to be ambassadors of the site. Their confidence allows us to have all the cycling and outdoor equipment we need to be ready for adventure.


To transport our belongings on our bikes in complete safety in the face of bad weather, we need strong and waterproof saddlebags. This is what Extrawheel offers with Cordura saddlebags, made in Europe.

Thanks to Extrawheel for sending us both front and rear saddlebags.


LifeStraw produces various water filtration systems. Their motto : everyone has the right to have access to water. This is why part of their profits finance access to drinking water in several disadvantaged countries (an initiative that we really like).

Thanks to them for the filter bottles and the LifeStraw Mission system, who protects to 100% against anti-virus, bacteria and parasites.


Equipment supplier bringing together different brands specializing in products related to external activities, GMT Outdoor offers high quality equipment.

It was thanks to their team that we were able to be put in touch with the GoalZero brands, LedLenser and WileyX. Without their trust, we could not have obtained such good quality equipment ! thanks to them !


GoalZero supports us by offering us a Sherpa 10AC external battery, a very generous external battery in energy storage that allows us to recharge our camera batteries, of drones, the computer, phones ... Anyway, a must have for budding photographers like us !

thanks to them.


Thanks to LedLenser for their support and for providing us 2 quality headlamps. A must have for the dark and cold nights that lie ahead.

It is an expert brand in the field of light, do not hesitate to visit their site if you need lamps or professional lighting.


We were looking for a way to ride our bikes and learn how to fix them : it's done thanks to Benjamin from Vélos Papillon.

Thanks to him, we reuse steel frames instead of buying new ones and we get an ultra complete travel bike for a price that only him can offer. A big thank you for his responsiveness and support in our adventure.

Travel insurance : l'exemple d'ACS avec son logo

ACS Assurances is an expert in social security coverage for people who work or travel abroad. With different options available and very affordable prices, we turned to them for our project.

ACS offers us enormous support with the coverage of our travel insurance. We are reassured to share the adventure with them !


PL Diffusion offers many reference brands in the outdoor world (MSR, ThermARest, Carinthia, …)

Thanks to their support, we have a reduction for the purchase of our stove and our inflatable mattresses. Thank you for their trust.


Association advocating adventure and solidarity, the Raid Guild also provides travel grants to a handful of projects.

We are lucky to be able to count on a scholarship of 3000 €, immense support that helps us greatly !


Aventure du Bout du Monde is an association of travelers whose goal is to provide mutual assistance and exchange between its members. We joined him to receive useful information and discuss our project.

We received the support of the association through their label, who offers us a lot of advice in the development and implementation of the project, but also in its dissemination and promotion upon our return.


Manoj is a human-sized association that brings together volunteers, nurses and doctors with the desire to help the most disadvantaged in Nepal. We contacted them to participate in their solidarity missions.

After many discussions with the asso, we can tell you that we will participate in a medical trek and an eye health camp thanks to the support of Manoj. thanks to them !

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