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In this “in regards to”, we talk to you about we and you partnership.

You want to know who is behind this blog ? Or maybe you want to understand why we have partners? Or to know who supports us in this adventure? Well, this is where we are trying to answer you

We tell you everything (or almost) ! But do not panic, since you can always ask us questions if you want to know more : we will answer you as precisely as possible.

A propos de Migratory Bikes : who are we? Come and get to know us by clicking on this image.

In regards to...
Who are we ?

Come and get to know us here : we talk to you about our values, our personality, and we present to you some of our most beautiful experiences in this world.

here, we talk to you about the partnership. We make you the list of our partners in all honesty, for the sake of transparency.

In regards to...
Our partners

For the sake of transparency, we talk to you in all honesty about the companies and associations that support us, and the reason for our collaboration with them.

If it's about the Nepal project that you want to know more, we have dedicated a whole page to tell you about this adventure : why this destination, why go there by bike, what is our itinerary, etc.

Come and discover our bicycle trip project this way 😉

Do not hesitate to join us on social networks, we regularly add content to keep you informed of what we are doing and our progress (preperation, kilometers traveled, planned route, favorites, galleys, solidarity actions, met, etc). We are present on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

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