On the way to Nepal from 12 July 2021…

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We are Camille and Antoine, the 2 authors of this travel blog. We created it to share our values ​​and our adventures, and to make others want to travel differently.

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We tell you in detail about our 1st cycling project, the one who gave birth to this blog.

here, we are talking about the trip from a practical point of view : choice of equipment, advice …

Here we show you our adventures in each country, between stories and photos.

Share our values


Using 2 sturdy frames and appropriate equipment, it is not only a journey but a new way of life that is offered to us.


Traveling slowly, we will be able to learn from the people we meet and share our own knowledge.


We will participate in volunteer missions in agriculture and environmental protection to act in accordance with our convictions.

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We often manage to find a nice bivouac sport.

Find a bivouac spot

When traveling by bicycle, it is sometimes difficult to find a quality bivouac spot to spend the night. And however it moves (Trek, bike…), there are fundamentals to have a good night in your tent...


Prepare your travel bike

A naked travel bike won't make you travel very long. Many accessories and peripherals are highly useful for accomplishing a long cycling trip (saddlebags, dynamo, of this, …)


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